Ice Cream Time! (a La Global Warming)

Here in DC, the weather has been b-e-a-u-tiful. I'm talking warm enough to flash your pale legs but not so hot that bros are wearing tank tops after the sun goes down. I hate when bros wear tank tops after the sun goes down. And also when they wear them before the sun goes down. BROS! STOP WEARING TANK TOPS!

Anyway, this is the sort of weather that warrants chilled treats. Whether you scoop it, soft-serve it, or roll it, you're doing your part in honoring a tradition that dates back thousands of years. It's true! It's unclear whether the Chinese were first  around 618 – 907 AD or if it was the ancient Romans, but one thing is definitely clear: whoever invented ice cream was not experiencing the amount of unseasonable weather that we are.

So, what does this mean? Let's get a little nerdy. Global climate change affects the world of food on so many levels. Of course it affects farming and food production, but it's interesting to look at the affect it has on a behavioral level, like long lines at ice cream shops in February. My college anthropology professors would be so proud of me for thinking like this! But seriously, isn't it interesting that our behaviors are changing because of the changing temperature? You could track changes in weather by observing the content of food Instagrams. Thousands of years from now, someone could study various food Instagram feeds and would be able to tell that things were warmer than typical during this time of year just from analyzing the types of food depicted during that time! Have I lost you? Maybe this is too deep. Stream-of-thought blog post now ending.